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Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Fun

We have had a wonderful start to the new year.  The weather has been beautiful, school started back up, and we have just been enjoying our little family of four.  Luke received a shaving kit from Aunt Tracy over Christmas, and has been very excited to be shaving like Daddy.  It is pretty much a nightly event in the bathtub.  Here are some pics from his first time.  (If you remember, he tried to shave for real a few months ago, and things didn't go so well...haha)

Aunt Ali and Benjamin came for a visit, and we were able to take the kids to the mall.  Ben and Audrey loved watching all the kids...

while Luke loved, well...this. =)

As a special treat, Tula bought Luke a cool Buzz Lightyear shirt at The Disney Store.  Let me tell you, that thing has been a hit!

She even treated him to a carousel ride.  Life doesn't get much better!

Audrey just enjoyed being Audrey. =)

We have been having some indoor fun this January.  Audrey is now big enough to use the jumpy and exersaucer.  She LOVES them!  Please note Luke in his big boy underwear.  I'll just say this, they didn't last long.

Audrey also loves playing on the special blanket that Memaw gave her.  Notice her reaching for the egg.  She can pretty much wiggle her way all over the place by rolling and pivoting on her stomach.  She doesn't always get where she wants to go, but is getting better at it.

Apparently, Luke decided that we take too many pictures, and now it is his turn. =)

I left Audrey on her back in the middle of the mat, with her head next to the fireplace, and turned around 2 minutes later to find her here. =) 

Luke had pajama day at school, and was so excited to show off his Elmo PJs.  They got to eat pancakes and bring flashlights to talk about the difference between day and night.  We LOVE his school!  (it was also pouring down rain, hence the boots)

While the indoors are fun, we have really been enjoying this crazy beautiful weather outside.  Luke is currently obsessed with baseball.  He is getting pretty good too!  Oh and he insisted on wearing his half-birthday crown that he got a school.  

Miss Audrey loves watching her big brother play.

And also loves this bunny that Miss Beth got her.  The arms are apparently very tasty!

Just a sweet moment I caught, where Luke went to go talk to Audrey. 

I just can't get enough of these two!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Happy Birthday to our favorite little one year old! I remember this day last year, like it was yesterday. We are so blessed to have you in our family!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas in Austin

Now for the last of the Christmas pictures...whew! We went to Austin over New Year's weekend to celebrate with Memaw, Pepaw and the Dodges. We always love going to Austin, and this time was no different. Audrey started out the weekend by dazzling everyone in her new PJs from the Rockwells. Cutest little kitty ever!
They love their Memaw!
Hey let's add Benjamin in the pic...Oh Benjamin, it's really not that bad! =)
Tula and Pop with their grandkids. Wow, what a difference 2.5 years makes!
For those of you that read my sister's blog, she posted a few pictures of us having a kicking competition. Well...conveniently her picture looked great, with her bouncy pony tail and dainty legs, while mine looked quite awkward and very unatheletic. an effort to make myself look better, I will post a better, more accurate portrayal of my kicking skills. ;)
Our little Romo loved playing in the awesome backyard with the beautiful weather. Uncle Todd even taught him correct throwing techniques by putting his hands on the laces. It was all Luke could talk about.
Luke started the presents off right by digging way down deep into his bag of goodies from Memaw.
While Audrey enjoyed some relaxing with Uncle Rett.
The little Romos got bored while the adults opened presents and had to explore outside.
We had a wonderful time, and I am happy to say that that concludes the Christmas pictures. I'll close with one precious picture of my favorite nephew. Oh Benjamin, you are precious, ugly cry face and all!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day

Let the Christmas festivities continue! Christmas morning was spent at home with our little family of four, as we celebrated Jesus' birth, opened presents and enjoyed my family's tradition of gingerbread for breakfast. Yummy!
The night before, Luke laid out the cookies, milk and carrots for the reindeer. He was very excited about this!
This pretty little lady got up extra early the next morning to see Santa, and had to wait a little until her brother woke up to see what he brought.
Santa sure hooked these kids up! ;)
Audrey was so excited to see that Santa brought her a bath towel just like her big brother's to hang on the wall.
Luke loved his "construction land" and workshop.
Check out his cool Santa slippers. Thanks Aunt Ali!
Love these two... fake smile, blank stare and all!
After breakfast, we headed over to Nonnie and Grandpa's house to continue the fun. Please note Brian's "Christmas beard". He was pretty much off of work for 2 weeks and decided to just let it grow. Yikes!
The kids loved spending time with Aunt Tracy, Uncle Jeff, Nonnie, Grandpa, the Rockwells, and Papa.
Audrey got to sport yet another Christmas ensemble, courtesy of sweet Isabelle.
During some down time, Luke thought it would be nice to catch up on the Sunday comics. :)
When it was time for lunch, Luke made sure to tell the entire family where they would be sitting. Hmmm...guess who go to sit at the head of the table. What a mess this kid is!
We ended the night with some present opening. What a fun day!