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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's A....

...BABY!  Haha!  We did go in for our anatomy scan ultrasound yesterday, but stuck with the plan, and did not find out the gender.  I have been actually really good with this decision, but I have to admit, being there for the ultrasound was a little tough.  She told us to close our eyes when she went down low, and it took everything in me not to peek. :)  Here is our sweet boy or girl from yesterday's ultrasound, measuring right on, and looking perfect!
Here I am yesterday at 19 weeks.  Finally feel like I look obviously pregnant, instead of the awkward in between stage.  I have also been feeling those sweet baby kicks, and daddy even got to feel as well! 

We decided to take Luke along yesterday to see his sibling.  He was excited to go, but couldn't quite make out what he was seeing.  At one point he told us he thinks he saw a tail, and that there is obviously a pig in Mommy's tummy.  Let's hope not! ;)

I can't believe we are almost to the halfway point with our third child!  I feel like I was just pregnant with Luke.  This is more than likely our last child, so I am trying to appreciate this pregnancy even more.  What a miracle and God given blessing it truly is!  21 more weeks (or less) and we will be a family of five!   

Friday, April 26, 2013

Bluebonnets 2013

OK, so we missed the boat a little this year, and didn't go get pics in the bluebonnets as soon as we should.  We went to the same spot as last year, and it was vastly different.  Very sparse bluebonnets, but to my surprise there were other gorgeous flowers there, so overall, it was a win.  I'm loving these pics!  There are more of Audrey, because Luke just wasn't having it at the end.  Enjoy!

Just for kicks, here are last years pics.  Audrey transformation....CRAZY!  Those arms!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

iPhone Pics Vol 4

It's that time again.  Time for my huge iPhone photo dump.  Here ya go!
Park time with Isabelle.  Loving their bikes!
Two cuties at the table.  This was Audrey's first time out of the high chair and probably like 2 months ago!

Horsey ride with Daddy.

Grill time!

Two tiny Romos.

Chef Luke.

We have had a lot of little sickness' in our house this winter.  Here is Luke getting his ear infection checked out.

Not feeling too hot. Got to spend some special relaxing time in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

I went into the kitchen to do some cleaning and about 15 minutes later came back to this fully dressed cowboy watching Curious George. Hmmmm...where did sick Luke go?

Super Luke.

This boy is into superheros!

Tula dance party.
Luke is very into dressing himself these days.  It is nice, but he gets pretty picky about his clothing choices, which can be a battle.  Well... he walked in wearing this.  I told him he needed to take his socks off, because socks and sandles don't go together.  He simply replied with, "Then why does Grandpa wear them?".  Hmmmm...good question. ;) 
Bathtime fun!

We had a recent playdate with our old family friends, the Tscheopes.  My how times have changed!

Another sick Luke day. :(

Super Luke on a walk with his super hero "gloves".

Audrey gets in on the dress up every now and then.

A rare date night! 

How did we spend it?  Well, we bought this bad boy!  Yes... it is a minivan.  I never thought I would ever get one, but I love it!  You can officially call me a minivan momma!

Date night was also spent consuming this little piece of heaven.  A nutella calzone.  Yummy!

We recently went to one of Brian's basketball tournaments to watch, and Luke loved watching his daddy on the court. He insisted on wearing his basketball gear as well.  He even got to sit on the bench for part of the game. :)

Daddy's team won, and Luke was so proud of this trophy.  Unfortunately, Luke left the trophy at Jason's Deli.  It was not pretty! 
Library time!

Audrey was mezmorised by story time. (for like 5 seconds)

We officially have a cereal eater!

Benjamin came to spend the night, and was very into Uncle Brian.

We got to church last week, and I looked down, and we were full on in matching family outfits.  Whoops! 

Loving this weather and the swing!

At a doggie birthday party.  3 out of 4... I'll take it!

I was trying to be a fun mom and make a Sonic run.  The kids were so excited with their treats, and even more excited to be drinking them in their carseats.  I was super impressed with how clean Audrey was being...


Oh wait, spoke to soon.  Mom fail! 


Monday, April 8, 2013

Jejus Has Risen!

No, that is not a typo in the spelling of Jesus.  Our little three year old calls our Saviour "Jejus", and it is precious!  We had a wonderful weekend celebrating the Resurrection.  We got to spend time with each other, family, and friends.  We are blessed! I have a ton of pics from the weekend, so here ya go!
The weekend before Easter, we were suppose to have a neighborhood egg hunt and Bunny meet and greet.  Well... it rained and got cancelled, so instead we got together with some sweet friends, ate pizza and had our very own egg hunt.  The kids loved it!

We continued on with the egg dying tradition, and Audrey was very into it.  A little too into it...if you know what I mean.  What a mess!

If you look closely at Audrey's face in this pic, she is very upset that she can't dunk her entire hand in the dye.

She recovered quickly!

Luke was so proud of his eggs!

Saturday night we went to Nonnie and Grandpa's for dinner and yet another egg hunt.  This was Audrey's first real egg hunt, and she was a pro!  

Sunday we woke up, and had found some goodies from the Easter Bunny.  This bunny brought bubbles, a ball, a Batman shirt, and some brooms!  Guess what gift was the most popular... the brooms!  Haha!  Mama is loving it! ;)

It was super stormy Easter Sunday, but we were able to beat the rain and had our egg hunt outside. 

After making "Jejus" Rolls for breakfast, we headed to church. Loved dressing up these two little people!


After church, Brian and I looked over and Luke and Audrey were walking out holding hands.  Melt my heart!

We headed over to Tula and Pop's for a yummy lunch and yet another egg hunt.  These kids are spoiled!

That wraps up our weekend!  While having multiple egg hunts and yummy food is always fun, what I really enjoyed most was seeing and hearing Luke understand a little more about what the weekend is really about.  "Jejus died for us, and Jejus has risen!"