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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rebecca Edens Schmid

My beautiful niece, Rebecca Edens Schmid, was born on Friday morning at 9:29 am.  She is so precious, and it is so fun having a niece!  Ali did amazing, and as usual looked great even after giving birth.  We feel so blessed to welcome this little sweetheart into the family. 
Moments after she was born.  (Dang Ali, you would never know you missed two nights of sleep and just had a baby!)

Big brother, and the cousins got to meet her Friday afternoon, and they all fell in love.  Audrey is so excited to even up the girl to boy ratio!

All the Gibson girls! Love this, and love that Rebecca is holding Rebecca.  So special!

Sweet girl only 8 hours old.

They are home now, and Rebecca looks like she is settling right in! 

We are so excited to add her to our family, and can't wait to see who this precious girl will become.  What a blessing!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daily Happenings Vol 5

Time for another Instagram photo dump.  Here is what this bunch has been up to over the past 2 months. 
Lake trip, with impromptu swim.  The water was COLD, but it didn't bother this guy! 

Supergirl at the lake!

Park fun.

The shoes, the toes.... I die!

Daddy travels quite a bit for work, and when he does, Tula and Pop usually take us out for a yummy dinner at Culvers.  Obviously, we don't skip the ice cream!

Thanks to my mom's dear friend ,Traci, for these cute personalized plates.

Birthday boy (or old man) turned 31 and got some birthday snuggles. :)

Hot dog dipping at Tula and Pop's, while Mommy and Daddy are working.

My little shadow.  I can't do anything without this girl, right on my heels.  She loves to get ready with me, and copies everything I do. 

Crazy girl!

Snuggles with my favorite nephew, Benjamin! 

Little Ducky at Watters Creek.

Happy Mother's Day from my two little blessings.

Luke constantly falls asleep reading at night.  Melts my heart....

This kid was dying to make rainbow toast, so that is what we did.  Very fun!

We love summer and all the splash pads around our town.

My sweet boy.

Visit with Papa.  Apparently Luke needed a ride, and Papa was happy to help.  That 98 year old still has some muscle!

Our little mommy.  It has been so fun seeing how different Luke and Audrey are.  Audrey is very into purses, necklaces, and babies.  So cute to see her walking, feeding, and tucking her babies in.

Found this purse at the breakfast table, full of cheerios and milk.  I guess Audrey was saving it for later.  Yuck!

Uncle Grant graduated from college, and brought Luke home a special present.

Apparently, Audrey watches me more that I know.  This baby is in "time out", and had to "face the wall". :)

Crazy girl and her accessories.

Audrey is also into dress up these days, and she hit the jackpot at Tula's. 

This girl loves her some sleep, and if she is tired, she is not afraid to tell you.  San Antonio wore her out!

Luke selfie.

Luke woke up one morning talking about being Uncle Rett and Aunt Ashley's ring bearer.  He takes this job very seriously and he needed to make them some rings.  Ashley's needed a "jewel".

Impromptu concert up in here.  Luke set this up all by himself.

First set of braids.  Momma needs some practice, but not bad for a wiggly 1 year old.

Doesn't everyone wear a tutu to breakfast?

Luke is currently fixated on Knights, and here he is in his castle.

No words...

Getting some tips for his upcoming ring bearer gig.

Accidentally left the light on in Audrey's room.  That didn't stop this girl from snoozing.  So precious!

Sweet summertime.  Nothing better!


The knight obsession.  Here is some armor we made.  Thanks Nonnie for the "chain mail". 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Remember The Alamo!

We just got back from an amazing family vacation to San Antonio.  Luke had been hearing about this trip for months, and was so excited to see Shamu, the Alamo, and float in the lazy river.  We went with my side of the family, and Tula and Pop were so generous to treat us all!  We had a fun-filled, action-packed 4 days, and it couldn't have been better! 
We all left super early Wednesday morning to beat the Dallas traffic, and ended up getting into San Antonio around lunch time.  We stopped at "The Guenther House" for lunch, which is a neat old house, and was super yummy. Here are some cuties after our great meal.


Next, we checked into the hotel, and Audrey decided she wanted to go "nigh nigh" right on the window sill.  Yikes!

After unpacking at our Riverwalk hotel, we ventured down to the Riverwalk and hopped on one of the boats.  The kids loved it!  Audrey always has a very serious face on whenever anything is new for her, but I could tell she was enjoying herself.  

After exploring the Riverwalk, we headed up to the street to see The Alamo.  Luke was very into this!  In fact, Brian, Luke and Will stayed extra long, and Luke asked about 1,000,000 questions, which his daddy was very patient in answering. :)

They have their serious "soldier faces" on.

After resting a bit, we headed back out for dinner at one of our favorite places, "Mi Tierra".  We took a trolley to get there, and once again, the kids loved it.

Mi Tierra is this over the top Mexican restaurant that has Mariachi Bands and crazy d├ęcor.  The kids were wide eyed when the band came to play for our table.

On day 2, we went exploring a bit more, before heading to our main destination, The Hill Country Hyatt.  Tula wanted to take the kids to the Texas Cultural Museum, and we discovered once again, that Luke was way into it.  He had about 1,000,000 more questions, and just couldn't get enough.  We may have a little history buff on our hands. 

Here is Luke on our way to the museum.

A school was there, and Luke jumped right in to listen to their presentation. 

Ride 'em Cowboy!


Playing with cotton.

Day 3 was our big Sea World day.  Luke was sooooo excited, and it did not disappoint!

The little kids were pretty excited as well!

The first show we saw was the sea lion and walrus show.  Please note Audrey with the serious face again.  :)

After the show we were able to go in the back to the sea lion tank and watch people feed them.  So cool!

Two lucky kids hitching some rides.

Shamu was up next, and Audrey squealed with joy every time one of them jumped.

The two pregnant "whales" next to the whale.

Sea World was wonderful, but exhausting, so Day 4 was spent relaxing at the hotel.  We loved this hotel!  So kid friendly.  They even had smores every night!

Super Luke!

The hotel recently added a wave machine, and the guys just could not pass this up.  I love all the wipe out shots!

Luke and Audrey were little fish, and could not get enough of the water.  Audrey got to show off her new swimming skills.

Daddy had to remind her many times to wait her turn, and keep her toes on the side. 

Booty shot! :)
To end the trip, we had a wonderful dinner at the hotel.  It was one of the best buffets I had ever had!  We took some family pics before eating.

Oh Memaw! :)

As you can tell, Luke and Audrey enjoyed the "all you can eat"

This trip was so much fun, and we cant thank Tula and Pop enough for taking us.  It definitely wore these two out!  Success!