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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TK Graduation

Luke had his TK graduation yesterday, and it was so cute.  Luke has now graduated from preschool 2 times, haha!  Once after pre-K and now after TK (transitional kindergarten).  This year the graduation was very small with just his class and then we had a yummy lunch.  Here is our sweet boy.

He was chosen to lead The Lord's Prayer, and took his job very seriously!

These were some cool kids.  Luke actually forgot to take his sunglasses off when he was suppose to, and wore them for the song after this one.  He was the only one in shades, and it was too funny!

Getting his diploma.  We absolutely LOVED his teachers.

Class of 2015.

So proud of him!

Luke is blessed living so close to both sets of grandparents.

We will miss these two next year, but hopefully they will still be around in 2 years when Audrey will be in TK.

Goofing off with his buds.

Pictures they had at the lunch.  My how he has changed!  What a blessing this boy is to us!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Day to Day: January-April

Luke is very proud of his fish Hero.  He named him after the movie, "Big Hero Six"

Diva Baby.

New art set from Nonnie.

First day with piggies for both my girls.

Luke's mall attire.  Just know this boy wants to dress himself 100% of the time, and 98% of the time I let him.

Fun at Play Street Museum in Frisco.

Never any "free time" at this house.  Brian was trying to get a workout in, and these monkeys wanted in on the action.

Elsa braid.

The old married couple.

Ice Cream treats one afternoon.

Cool spaceship park we found.

First pony.

Birthday party fun.

They are getting so big!

Savannah's first time at the big table.  No more highchair!

Audrey's first movie.  Paddington Bear.  She did pretty well. =)

Childhood right of passage.

Sleepy girl after school.

Poor guy threw up 5 minutes before heading to school on the day of his Valentines Party.  So sad.  I was also one the moms in charge of this party, so I had to leave him with Tula and organize the party without him.  It was a bummer for sure!

Old married couple again.  They love each other so much.

First time eating cereal.

Off to a fancy mother/daughter tea party.

Loved my one on one time with this girl.

Late night golf course runs.

More party fun.

Dress-up with her sweet friend Sophie.

Throw-up bucket strikes again!

Turned around and saw this.  She looks so old!

Peter Piper Pizza fun with friends.

They have such a special bond.

Dreaming boy.

Rub a dub dub, three little ladies in a tub.

Savannah was at it again, this time with a super hero cape on.

Jump Street fun.

Savannah's first time hanging with the big kids.

All hail the queen.

Savannah watched "Paw Patrol" for 5 minutes, so I took a picture.

Love this little girl.

Wanted to go on a family walk, and maybe get my heart pumping a bit. Well that plan failed, when Savannah insisted on walking the dog herself.  Slowest walk ever!

Uncle G's Christmas present to Audrey bloomed!

Sleepy baby.

It has been raining for months it feels like!

Love this picture. =)

Taking a walk outside with Savannah after she puked all over my pants and herself while in the waiting room at Audrey's dance class.  She is wearing Audrey's dress in this picture.  Never a dull moment!

Ready for picture day!

Sweet boy filling out his March Madness bracket.

Reasons why I am usually late... Rained on sidewalk chalk looked interesting as I was loading everything into the car.

18 month well check.  We've got a tiny one on our hands.  10% for weight, but doing great!

Sister picnic.

Shoe shopping with these two terrors.

Looked out my window, and Savannah was copying her older siblings.  Melt my heart.


Matching sisters.

First big boo boo.  Nothing a little steri strip didn't take care of.

Costume day!

A gazillion bubbles!

Cloud watchers.

Savannah learned to really hang with the big kids!