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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend Away!

This past weekend, Brian and I went to San Antonio to enjoy a few days with just the two of us. We have gone on some amazing vacations in the past few years, but we realized that we hadn't gone anywhere where it was just the two of us in over 2 years. While we were super excited to have a nice little break, we were very sad to leave this cute little face behind. Brian and I are super blessed that we live so close to our families, and have so many babysitters on hand. Luke enjoys spending time with his grandparents, and for this little trip he got to stay with Nami and Grandpa for the first time overnight. He did great and had such a fun time. We dropped him off at Glen Oaks, where his Nami teaches 1st grade. I actually went to this school in 5th grade, and it was fun to see my son running around the cafeteria where I used to eat. =) We got there right as the bell was ringing and Luke got to meet Nami's class. He loved seeing all the "big kids" and gave high fives to the entire class. Brian and I were easily able to sneak out because he was having so much fun with all the kids.
We had a wonderful time in San Antonio and even got to spend one night with Memaw and Pepaw in Austin. The weather was beautiful and Brian and I got to see Harry Potter, which we had been looking forward to! Here we are at the Alamo and then at dinner on the Riverwalk.
Last week Luke was able to hang out with some buddies before we left on our trip. Here he is enjoying a nice fall walk with Isabelle. They don't look very happy, do they?
Hannah and Grace, who are friends from church, came over on Thursday. Grace is a year older than Luke, thus Luke thinks she is pretty cool. I think he likes her. =)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stink Eye

This is what you call "the stink eye". Not very pleasant, huh? Well my son has started to give this wonderful look to just about anyone. Not sure where it came from, but I think it is just part of the transition into toddlerhood. This kid sure has a mind and personality all his own! So beware of the "stink eye" and please don't be offended if he gives it to you, because let me tell you he doesn't discriminate. =) In all seriousness, Luke is a very pleasant and fun loving kid. He makes life better in so many ways, and is such a precious gift from God. This past week was a little rough for our guy. Luke got a little stomach bug and proceeded to throw up all over Aunt Ali. (sorry about your clothes Ali!) Anyways, this lasted for a couple of days and then Luke was fine. This weekend, Brian and I seemed to catch the bug too, but all is well in the Gahan household now. Here are some pictures of our sick little boy. You know he wasn't feeling well when all he wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch Sesame Street.
Luke is back to his old self now and here are some sweet pictures, minus the "stink eye".
Thanks GA (Great Aunt Elizabeth) for my Grand Old Opry shirt!
Friday night we had dinner with Grandpa and Nami (Brian's parents). Papa was there too, and we had a wonderful time.
Luke loves Nami's glasses.
Here he is telling Papa goodbye....
...and giving Grandpa a big hug.
Luke is about to spend 3 nights with them, while Brian and I have a weekend away. He is very excited, and hopefully he will be a good boy and keep the "stink eye" to a minimum. =)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trick "Arrrrr" Treat

Luke had a wonderful 2nd Halloween. Our little pirate was just too cute and loved seeing all the costumes. While we didn't go trick-or-treating, Luke had many opportunities to wear his costume. A few weeks before Halloween, his good friends, Ellie and Kate, turned 1 year old. They had a fun party with costumes, pumpkins and cake. Here is the best family shot we could get. Luke wasn't too happy at this point. =)
This picture was taken by the professional photographer at the party.
Here he is with his good buddy Isabelle, the amazing TCU cheerleader.
Picking out his pumpkin. He ended up with 2 little ones and has been carrying them all over the house.
Here is "The Lost Group" with the birthday girls in the middle.
Instead of trick-or-treating, Luke helped us pass out candy as the little pirate. He loved seeing all the kids come to our door. Notice the 2 different shoes in this picture. He brings me his shoes all the time, and obviously he doesn't care if they match. =)
Here he is just being sweet and playing in the backyard prior to handing out candy. I love this little man!
Oh and I don't think I ever updated everyone on his 15 month stats. We went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and he weighed 25 pounds (60%), was 32 inches tall (85%), and has a head in the 90%. So he is basically slimming up, still tall but with a huge head. Sounds about right. =) The doctor said he is doing great and is ahead of the game developmentally. Way to go Luke! We love you so much!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Zilker Park

Last week we went to Austin to visit Memaw and Pepaw. It was a wonderful visit and Luke got to do something very special. Memaw and Pepaw have been wanting to take him to Zilker Park to ride the train, which is something they always took me to do when I was little. This was Luke's first train ride and it was so special watching him enjoy it.

Here we are looking over Barton Springs. I remember swimming there as a child, but always complained because the water was too cold!

Sitting with Pepaw before the big ride.

All ready to go!

Going under the bridge.

And we are back! Luke had so much fun and was wide eyed the entire ride. Thanks Memaw and Pepaw for taking us!

Here he is playing on a statue of some men who would come to the park everyday. My mom was telling me that her grandfather (Memaw's dad), would come and hang out with these guys. So neat!

The rest of the visit was spent roaming around the house and backyard. Luke loved all the new things to do. Here he is having fun with Aunt Ali watching Elmo on the computer.

Just having fun walking around as the new sheriff in town. (Thanks Tula for my jacket!)

It was a wonderful trip and Luke was one tired guy by the time we left.

Stay tuned for Halloween pictures...

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