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Monday, August 29, 2016

Audrey's 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated our sweet Audrey yesterday, with friend party at Made of Sugar & Spice on the McKinney Square.  This party was so cute, and so easy!  I just showed up with the cake!  Audrey loved having her little friends there, and was just glowing the entire time.  Here are some party pics. 

All the girls got to pick out a dress to wear.  Audrey chose a purple and pink one so she could be like Princess Twilight Sparkle, her favorite My Little Pony.

There was a cute runway where the fashion show took place.

Audrey picked to have a My Little Pony theme, and we just showed up to these super cute decorations.

The cake that Audrey helped design.

Once everyone showed up, they picked an outfit, got their hair and nails done, did some crafts, sang karaoke, and just had fun!

2 hours before the party, Luke said he didn't want to go to "this girl party".  He quickly changed his tune, and got very into it.  Look out Elton John! We may have had to tell him to tone it down...this wasn't his party.

Isaac was upset they didnt have a costume in his size. Haha!

Ben was the ONLY kid who listened to directions and did an ending pose.  He copied the girl exactly and really held the pose for awhile.  It was hilarious!

 We love our sweet Audrey Girl, and loved celebrating her on this special day!