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Monday, April 28, 2014

7 Months

Savannah turned 7 months old 2 weeks ago.  She is doing great, but poor thing has been sick on and off for over a month.  I guess that's what happens when you have two older siblings who go to preschool.  My dad was even trying to think of a nickname for her like "lobster" since that is a crustacean, and her nose is always crusty!  Haha, only my dad!  We also think she may have bad allergies.  She always seems to have red puffy eyes, and I have now noticed that it seems worse when she is outside.  We are holding off on meds for now, since she is so little, but she may need a daily allergy med, and we will talk to the pedi about this at her 9 month check-up.  As you can see in her 7 month pictures, her eyes are slightly puffy and overall she looks a little sick to me.  Precious as ever though!

She is still doing great with the helmet, but enjoys her helmet-free hour in the evening.  I cut her hair again!  Her hair was crazy.  It was growing in WAY lighter than her newborn hair, and there was a distinctive line where the black hair was and where the new growth started.  Her hair also seems to be the lightest of the three, and seems like it might be curly.  Audrey's is curly, but I don't remember that showing up until her hair grew a bit.

Savannah loves her siblings, and will put up with quite a bit!

Here are her 7 month facts:

  • Still a great sleeper.  Takes 2 long naps a day, and one short one right before dinner.  Sleeps almost 11 hours at night, and if wakes up, will go back down after a diaper change.
  • Eating sooooo much better!  Takes four 7 ounce bottles a day and now up to 3 solid meals of baby food.  She is a picky one!  She definitely cares about temperature and texture and cant handle a puff at this point.  Only baby mush will do. 
  • Size 3 diapers
  • size 9 month clothes, still some 6 month
  • mover and shaker.  Can get anywhere she wants by inching, scooting, and rolling.  Hasn't really army crawled or crawled yet.
And just because I love this picture and this girl, I am putting it in this post as well.  She is our angel!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

School Egg Hunts

This morning the big kids had their school egg hunts.  They were so excited!  Luke must have said something hilarious below.  Haha!

Luke's class was first and he was ready!

I think he was the first one to shoot out....

But that didn't go as planned.  Haha!

He got back in the game and was an egg hunting fool.

Audrey's class was next, and she was a little more timid.

She got the hang of it eventually and had a blast.

It is just so fun experiencing all of these things again through the eyes of your child.  We are blessed.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Bluebonnets 2014

We found one tiny field in Frisco with bluebonnets this weekend, and went for it!  I left the picture session thinking, eh, maybe we got some good ones.  When I got home and looked through them on my camera, I was so pleased.  I think this is our best bluebonnet session yet!  We are just so in love with these three!

I mean... come on!  I feel like this picture is giving me a glimpse of what highschool Luke will look like. Sigh...

Audrey loved running through the field.

Precious little baby.

Accidental almost identical pose to last year.  Oh my, how they have changed!

Ok, lets keep it are the outtakes.

Poor baby fell out of the rocker, straight on her face.  Yikes.... mom fail!

Not sure what is going on here.

Last pic of the day.  One is over it, one has snot down her nose, and one cant get over how itchy his ankles are!  Haha, I love it!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Instagram

March has come and gone, and here is what we were up to.  

The prettiest rainbow I have ever seen was over our house.  God never ceases to amaze me! 

Three crazy monkeys, snuggling in a crib.

Western Day in Audrey's class.  She was so excited!

About 10 minutes after getting her helmet.  She could care less, and is still as precious as ever!

Girling that helmet up!

Tula took Audrey to dance.  What a lucky little lady.

Luke's soccer pictures.  SO cute!  I love that they took a picture of him and the coach.  What a stud of a coach! ;)

Insert your own caption here.....

First date with my little man!  We ate at subway and saw The Muppets.  It was so nice to have some one on one time with him.  I always think he is so old because he is the oldest, but when you get him by himself, he just seems so little.  Trying to cherish these moments.

Loving the swing.

Hard at work painting their new bookshelves.