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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 Months Old

Our sweet girl turned 3 months old today! We are loving life with this little sweetie and are so blessed by the joy she brings us all. Here is what is new:
  • wears 3 month clothes and some 6 month clothes (big girl!)
  • wears size 2 diapers
  • hair is thinning out a bit, but still seems to be very dark
  • rolled tummy to back several times but not consistent
  • sleeping swaddled with one arm at night, and not swaddled at all for naps
  • grabs all the toys on her playmat
  • coos all the time and in response to us talking to her
  • still not a big cryer, but lets us know she is upset by yelling (Brian and I decided it sounds kind of like a cat)
  • still a very serious girl, but is easy to get a smile out of
  • loves it when we go and get her in the mornings, we get big smiles and lots of kicking!
  • got her first cold-so sad!
  • loves watching her goofy brother
  • we have gone a little backwards in the sleeping department-boo! She was going at least 7 hours at night in a row, but has recently been waking up almost every 3 hours. We have been a bit discouraged by this, but I am happy to say last night was much better. Hopefully she will return to her old ways! ;)
Overall we are abundantly blessed by those sweet cheeks! =)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Little Indian

Last Wednesday Luke's class had a Thanksgiving feast and the parents were invited at the end to see some of the projects they had been working on and have a special snack. They also had a surprise for us. All the kids hid in the bathroom and then came out in a parade of little Indians. Luke was a little shy with all the people staring at him, but he sure did look cute!
Here is his class at their table, all sitting in their assigned seats. They got to eat a special teepee treat and showed the parents how they pray before lunch.
Here is Luke enjoying his teepee. Poor Audrey is actually in this picture strapped in the baby bjorn. =) Too bad you cant see her.
But here is the sweet sister after we got home. =) Thanks Aunt Connie and Uncle Joe for my Scotty dog shirt!
Luke loves his school and teachers and we sure are thankful for them!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2 Month Check-Up

Audrey had her 2 month appointment yesterday and is one chunky monkey! This is no suprise as her brother was a bit of a chunk as well. I guess these Gahan kids are just big ole babies! =) She is right on track developmentally and has even accomplished most of the 4 month old milestones. Here are her stats:
  • weight: 12 pounds 11 ounces (90%)
  • length: 24.75 inches (97%)
  • head: 15.75 inches (80%)
Of note, last night she slept for 11 hours straight, 7pm to 6am! It might have been due to the shots, but the night before was 9 hours. She is doing awesome! Here is our girl right before heading to the doctor. Chunky monkey in all her glory! =)
Happy girl at home despite those shots. Look at those thighs!
Over the weekend, Audrey really started to make progress with her tummy time. She is pushing up on both hands and even rolled over once. I think it was a fluke and mainly due to her giant head flopping over. =)
Of course big brother has to get in on the action. Exhibit A. (Yes Luke, we know you can push up on your hands. ;))
Exhibit B.
This weekend was also very special, because Memaw was coming to meet Audrey. Luke and Benjamin were excited for her to come as well. They were so excited they had to watch some Sesame Street and have some grub to pass the time until she got there.
Once she finally arrived, she got to meet her first great-granddaughter. Here is a 4 generation picture.
Auntie E and Molly came as well and Audrey enjoyed all of these women loving on her.
(dang...didn't get a picture of Molly)
While the women were chatting, these boys enjoyed a good ole snack trap. We love those little Benjamin cheeks!
I am so glad Audrey got to meet her Grand Memaw. I know these two will have such fun in the future!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween this year was so much fun. Luke is now old enough to understand and loved participating this year. We started out Halloween weekend with some pumpkin carving. Here is our little pumpkin soaking it all in. Believe it or not, this is the best of about 20 pictures taken of them together.
Luke was very excited about carving jack-o-lanterns, but wanted nothing to do with touching the seeds. He said it was "yucky" and "gross". Haha.
I guess carving pumpkins just wasn't very interesting to this little lady. =)
Showing off his creation. Please don't judge our craftmanship. We didn't have the best pumpkin carving tools on hand. =)
What a goofball. He insisted on wearing his sisters pumpkin hat.
After bath, we went outside to check out the pumpkins in the dark. Luke loved it!
And now for the costumes. Here is Audrey and Luke with their super cute tiger cousin.
On Halloween, we made several pitstops. First up was Papa at his new place. We got there right in time for the 5:00 dinner, and boy oh boy were these kids a hit. We walked into the dining hall to the stares of about 50 white haired adults. =) They loved it. We were happy to put some smiles on their faces, but poor Luke wasn't too sure about all the attention.
Next up was trick-or-treating at Tula and Pop's. Tula gave Luke some extra special treats. After their house we walked around the circle with Pop gathering up some more candy. Luke started to get the hang of things.
Again, Audrey wasn't really into it. =)
Finally, we stopped at Noni and Grandpa's. Aunt Tracy was there as well, and Luke got to hit up the houses on their street.
Overall, Halloween 2011 was a huge success!