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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Camping at Beaver Bend

This post has 2000 pictures, so go ahead and get comfortable. =)  We went to Beaver Bend, Oklahoma with Brian's side of the family this past weekend.  The weather was perfect, and we had so much fun out enjoying nature with no cell service!  We stayed in the park in cabins, and enjoyed campfires, games, fishing, hiking, eating, and exploring.  Thanks Nonnie and Grandpa for a great little getaway!

Here we are enjoying our campsite on Sunday morning.

Nonnie and Grandpa cooked up a yummy pancake breakfast.

Coffee and hanging by the fire.

Audrey was a bug girl!  She was fascinated by the Daddy Long Legs.

Audrey also got to bring her class monkey, Marvin, on the trip.  We took lots of pictures to share his adventures with her class.  Audrey wasn't the best about keeping up with him, and I may have had several panic moments that we lost the class pet!!

They had some cool play areas with huge slides. Everyone got in on the fun.

We took a beautiful hike up overlooking the river.  I may have had a few stressful mom moments, with my kids so close to the cliff.  Considering Luke's clumsy track record, all we need is for him to be next to a cliff!

Don't let this face fool you!  Savannah screamed in the baby backpack most of the hike, because she wanted me to hold her.  Mama's girl for sure!

I screamed when I almost stepped on this tarantula!  Audrey thought it was the coolest!

We enjoyed a nice post hike picnic lunch.

After lunch, Savannah and I stayed back at the cabins for a nap, and everyone else ventured back out.  They found a cool rock skipping place.

They went trout fishing, and Luke caught one on his second cast!

They did some more exploring.

Back at our campsite, Luke and Audrey found this beetle.  Audrey played with if for a good hour and a half.  She lost it at one point, and then about 30 minutes later we found it in her hood.  That beetle liked her as well!

These kids were beat!

Audrey bed-head on Monday morning.

We played a lot of ladder golf.

Audrey was very good, maybe because this is where she threw from.  Haha!

Campfire reading.

Before heading home, we went back to some of the same spots that Savannah and I missed.  Audrey was a fishing fool, and caught this blue fish every time!  (She legitimately thinks she catches it, and that it is not a blue plastic piece tied to the end of her pole. haha)

More exploring.

Love this picture!

Back to skipping rocks.

Savannah loved combing her fingers through all the rocks.

Right before we were about to leave, we spotted a bald eagle in a tree!  It was amazing!

Here are some pictures Aunt Tracy took.  Crazy kids for sure!

She also took this one of me, trying to get a good picture of everyone.  HaHa!  I take it seriously! 

We had a wonderful time spent with family, and feel so blessed that our kids are so close to both sides of the family.  What a great weekend!