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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Luke's Cousin Ben

Benjamin Gibson Schmid is here! He arrived at 10:43am on January 23. He was 8 pounds 7 ounces and 21 inches long. Ali did awesome, and is such a natural as a mommy! I was able to be there for the birth, which was amazing, and Luke and I got to go visit yesterday as well to get some Ben time in. He sure is a cute little guy! Luke really seems to like him, and likes to talk about the baby when we are at home. When I say anything about the baby he automatically says "Ali!". It is so cute that he knows Ben is her baby. He tries very hard to say Ben, but really all we get is "Buuuh". Hey, not too bad for an 18 month old. Ok enough chit chat, he are the pictures. Waiting on Ben to make his appearance. So sad Grant couldn't make it, but he is in Lubbock being very studious at Tech...we hope =) He's Here!
Proud Parents.
Tula meeting grandson #2.
Everyone admiring his cuteness.
Cousin Luke making his entrance! Thanks Auntie E for the shirt. (Auntie E is Great Aunt Elizabeth)
Sisters and their boys! Luke looks very interested in this new thing. =)
So excited to be Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brian.
Auntie E and Molly.
Uncle Rett with nephew #2. Good looking pair. =)
2 days old, chillin in his swing.
First sponge bath at 3 days old. Someone wasn't very happy.
"Does it really take this many people to get me dressed!"
Our family is so blessed by Ben's arrival. I am looking forward to seeing him grow up, and with cousins only 18 months and 2 days apart, Luke and Ben are sure to get into lots of trouble!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Camera Neglect

We absolutely love our new "fancy" camera, but I must say I have neglected my little point and shoot. I pretty much haven't touched it since we got the bigger one, but used it the other day and discovered pictures left on it that I forgotten about. Here are some pics taken in December from the lake. Having fun on the trampoline with Pop.
Out on the boat with the boys (and mom), catching some fish. Someone looks a little cranky in the first picture.
Memaw came to visit in December and we went out for a nice lunch. There's a happy boy!
Crazy Pop!
Having fun with Daddy at the park, looking at the ducks. (these 3 pictures were actually taken with the big boy)
Watching ducks is quite relaxing!
Last week we went with Aunt Ali to the mall and had our first carousel ride, which didn't go over very well! All Luke wanted to do was hold on to me. I guess the horse was pretty scary. =)
Finally, this week we started swim lessons. Luke and I go to a mommy and me class at Emler Swim school in Frisco. He absolutely loved it! We go every Monday until May, which will be a great activity to get out of the house. I didn't get to take many pictures, as I was in the water with him, but here he is anxiously waiting his turn to go in.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let It Snow!

The snow is really coming down. We have gotten about 4-5 inches and it is still snowing. This afternoon, we bundled Luke up and headed out to the backyard to have some fun. Luke loved it! This isn't his first time in the snow. We had a bunch last year, well a bunch by Texas standards. All he was able to do then was sit in the bumbo. This year was much more exciting, and we were so happy this happened on a Sunday, when Daddy was home to play.
Gathering up snow for the snowman.
Someone bit it, and Ernie came to the rescue. =)
Snow day flashback 2010. What a difference! =)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gibson Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with the Gibson side this year on Christmas day. It was a ton of fun, and once again Luke got totally spoiled! Here are some pictures from all the fun at Tula and Pops!
These next two pictures were actually taken a few days before Christmas at Tula and Pop's, but are cute nonetheless.
Luke got an early Christmas present from Tula and Pop, a pillow pal we named Buzz. Luke can actually say Buzz which is fun. He also got that little monkey backpack, which also doubles as a leash for mom. We will have to try it out!
Ok now back to Christmas Day.
Luke loves him some Elmo!
Here we are at home enjoying some of his gifts. He loves his bean bag.
Both set of grandparents had similar ideas and got him a tent. Well guess what...the tunnel fits perfectly in between, and now we have quite the little set-up upstairs. Notice Luke holding Buzz in the tent.
For New Years, we headed to Austin to see Memaw and Pepaw and the Dodges. Once again it was so nice to see family. Oh no, Daddy left Luke in the tree! (Don't worry, daddy is holding onto Luke behind the tree)
Giving Cousin Riley a kiss.
Sporting the sweet track suit given by Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Todd.
Watching football with the men, and learning how to give a fist bump. =)
Ok well I think that covers Christmas 2010!