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Monday, April 30, 2012

8 Months

Miss Audrey is 8 months old today, wow!  We just love her to pieces and are just so happy she is a part of our family.  Here are some of her funny faces that we love.

Not sure what this is, but love it!

"The raspberry"

"The nose scrunch"
This month has brought tons of new changes for our girl.  Here are her new tricks:
  • Early in the month she was pulling up on everything up to her knees.  She is now a pro at standing all the way up, and we even caught her climbing the stairs yesterday!  Busting out the baby gates again!
  • Much more vocal, says mamamama, and babababa, not directed at anything
  • TEETH!  Her bottom two teeth have come in.
  • Full crawler, but still enjoys the army crawl.
  • Puts everything in her mouth.  I know this is normal, but Luke was some sort of freak baby and really didn't do this much, so this is new for me.
  • Great eater.  4 bottles a day, with 3 solid meals.  Still really into her puffs. =)
  • Great sleeper.  2-3 naps a day, and sleeps about 11.5-12 hours a night
  • Wears 9 month, and some 12 month clothes
  • Wears size 4 diapers
Here are some pics from the past month.
Obsessed with the magazine basket.  Such an obsession, that Mommy had to move it.

"Who me?  I didn't do anything."

Getting into everything!

And I mean everything.  Daddy was fixing the sink, and when he turned around, he found this!

Practicing her "splits"

A big girl, pulling up all by herself.

Trying to pull up and see what her brother is playing with.

Putting everything in her mouth.  Including dog food, bugs, you name it!

Learned how to use a straw cup.

Playing with cousin Benjamin. Ben came to visit last week, and Audrey liked following him around.  They are only 7 months apart. 

Sharing letters with her favorite cousin.

Her first pedi!  I was painting my toes, and just couldn't resist! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Many Faces of Our Cowboy

Yesterday was Western Day at Luke's school.  Did I mention this boy loves dress up!?  He was so excited.  I was just going to let him wear his hat, but he insisted on wearing his red boots too.  They are special boots, because his daddy used to wear them all the time as a little boy.  Luke had a wonderful day at school, and even got to go to a petting zoo.  His teachers said he was very into being a cowboy, and even slept in his boots, hat, all while holding his stick horse!  Haha!  Here are the many faces of our sweet little cowboy.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another "Poooohlll"

Luke has been loving his time in the other "poooohlll".  We did a mommy and me swim class last year at Emler Swim School, and loved it!  I was sad that I couldn't get him in this year, because with Audrey, a "mommy and me" just wouldn't work.  I was so excited to find out that they recently added a new 2 year old class, where the mommies could just watch.  Perfect!  So, every Tuesday from 10-10:30, Audrey and I watch Luke in his swim class.  Luke loves it, and Audrey seems to enjoy watching as well. =) Luke is getting pretty good, and we love his teacher, Miss Melissa.  

Starting class off right with a little float on the duck.

Jumping to Miss Melissa.

Enjoying splash time with his pal, Bailey.

He HATED floating on his back last year, but is a pro this year!

He is learning to swim to the wall and get out by himself.

At the end of each class, Luke gets to go down the "big slide".  He loves it!

Friday, April 20, 2012

"The Poooohllll"

We headed back out to the lake last weekend, and had a blast.  Luke was so excited about the "poooohllll".  We were cracking up because he would say pool in this high pitched, proper voice, and draw out the ooos and kind of add of h in there like in Winnie the Pooh.  Hard to imagine, but hilarious!  The weather was beautiful, but as I told Luke, the water was too cold for "Mommies and Tulas", so only the boys got in.  

Here is the pool back in February

Our goof posing.

Where's Luke?

Where's Luke 2?

The pool this past weekend. Still some construction to do, but mostly 90% done!

No hesitation from this little guy!

Miss Audrey enjoying her view.

Tula had a special surprise and brought Luke a super hero costume.  Have I mentioned this boy loves dress up?!

Fishing on the boat.  Yeah the lake now has water!!

After fishing, it was time to put in some hard work.

Obviously not everyone was working hard!  Here is our little diva taking it all in. =)
We just can't get enough of the lake! We feel super blessed to have this special retreat where my kids can enjoy uninterrupted family time, while being in the great outdoors.  Thanks Tula a Pop for giving us a little taste of "heaven" on earth!

Friday, April 13, 2012


We had a wonderful weekend celebrating new life in Christ.  He has risen, and we are so thankful!  We started the weekend off by dying our eggs.  Luke loved it, and as you can see was very serious about the whole process. 

Audrey on the other hand, wasn't as serious, and decided to just suck on the eggs.

Putting stickers on eggs requires a lot of concentration apparently. =)

While Luke dyed the eggs, Audrey hung out in the jumpy.  I cannot resist these legs!!!!

Sunday morning before church we had our egg hunt.  Boy that Easter Bunny hides things well!  Purple eggs in purple flowers, pink eggs in pink flowers.  You would think he was hiding the eggs for a 10 year old!  ;)

We have been trying to learn how to use our camera better, so I thought I would add in this pretty shot Brian took.

After church, we headed over to Nonnie and Grandpa's house for a yummy dinner and another egg hunt.  Luke loved the sports themed eggs!

Audrey apparently loved everything!

Easter weekend was filled with family and fun, and I can't wait until they get a little older and understand the true meaning of Easter, that our Saviour died and rose again!  I will leave you with one last picture.  Luke is really into dress up lately.  We recently watched the movie, Tangled (very cute!), and he had to dress up like the "soldiers" in the movie. He has been wearing gloves, a hat, belt, and boots pretty much the entire week.  Oh and please notice his golf club "sword".