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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Grandpa retired the week before Christmas.  I know he was excited, and has been enjoying his month of freedom so far.  To celebrate, his work threw him a little party, that we were able to attend.  It was the same day as Papa's Christmas party, so we were some party people!

We stopped by Papa's first.  Papa and Savannah, 99 years apart in age.  So sweet.

After one hopping party, we headed to Grandpa's.  The kids got to meet some people he worked with and Luke was even treated to some video games. (he had no clue what he was doing!)

I think he played one legit game, and the rest of the night was spent playing like this!  Ha, it wasn't even on and he thought he was playing.  This boy is an easy sell!

The Gahan gang.  Congrats to Grandpa!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

4 Months

Savannah turned 4 months old last week.  She is still super precious, and I may get tears in my eyes multiple times a day when I look at her.  Ha!  Brian always laughs at me, but I just can't help it, I love her so much!  I took her to her 4 month check-up the day she turned 4 months and she did great.  She hated the shots, obviously, but recovered rather quickly.  She is doing great developmentally, but there was a little concern with her weight.  She gained 1 pound over the past 2 months.  Honestly, I had no idea.  She seems chunky enough to me, and is so easy going, it didn't seem like she was hungry.  She dropped from the 50% to between the 10-20%.  He wasn't so much concerned about her actual weight, just that fact that she was dropping off her growth curve.  It isn't a huge concern now, but I am now supplementing with formula to bulk her up a bit.  Looking back, I do see signs that my milk supply was probably getting low, which really explains her weight.  She is just as happy as can be, so no harm done now. =)  I looked back at Audrey at 4 months, and she was a whole 2 pounds bigger.  We are now on one week of supplementing formula, and she is doing great.  I see this weight thing as a non issue at her next appointment.  Here are her official stats.

  • weight: 12 pounds 1.5 ounces (10-20%)
  • height: 24.25 inches (40-50%)
  • head: 16.25 inches (70-80%)
Here is what is new this month:
  • LOVES watching her siblings, and gets so excited when they give her attention and talk to her
  • Rolling!  She is rolling both directions now and is getting better at this everyday.  This is great for her head, as it is still a little flat, and this should help that she will not be on it as much.  (The doctor looked at it again, and still thinks it should correct itself on its own, but we are keeping an eye on it)
  • Wears 3 month and 6 month clothes.
  • size 2 diapers
  • sleeping about 11 hours a night! (amazing!!!!)
  • still only awake about an hour and a half during the day before she needs a nap
  • Eats 5 times per day
  • Super smiley, and has given a giggle here and there
  • Hair is staying strong and not falling out like her siblings did.
  • Takes a bottle like a champ now (did awesome on the days mommy went back to work)
Here she is listening to Audrey talk to her.

That is not where i left her!

Never been a paci person, but Ali texted me this pic and i was shocked!  Ali later confessed that this lasted 2 seconds.

4 month check-up

Not a paci girl, but will take a thumb any day!

Savannah really takes after her brother.

Just had to get these girl scout cookies.  They may be one of my new favorites!

We sure do love when our Savannah smiles!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

9 Years

9 years ago today this was happening...

It was a wonderful day and I can't believe it has been 9 years!  In fact, we have been together for a total of 15 years, which is half of my life at this point!  Crazy!  We have so much fun together, and feel so blessed to have found each other so young.  Three kids later and we are still going strong!  Here are some honeymoon pictures.  Here's to 60 more years!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Instagram Pics

Here are all the Instagram pics left from 2013.  I just love that it is so easy to document daily life with these kids.

These pics are from Vacation Bible School back in July.

A rare moment when both kids were sitting still.

Helping get my little man dressed for Rett and Ashley's wedding.

Cute little ring bearers with Auntie E.

Audrey enjoyed a limo ride!  She wasn't too sure about it.

Little pinkie.

Sweet baby hands.  Savannah was only a few weeks old here.

Boys and their dads enjoying the TCU football game.

My sweet boy gave me flowers. (thanks to his daddy)

Papa giving Audrey a ride.  We will cherish these pics.

Our new tree in the backyard being planted.

Luke just catching up on his reading.

Not every moment is a happy one!  Ha!

Enjoying a lunch date with Miss Isabelle.

Cutest little Doc McStuffins!

"Quiet" night by the fire.

We always see this establishment on our way to the lake, and Luke has always wanted to stop and take a pic.  Wish granted!

Luke found a snake in our house!  Yes, a snake!  Luckily is was very small, but freaked me out, none the less.

House full of Christmas smells.

A second visit with Santa at a Christmas breakfast with Nonnie and Grandpa.

Luke studying his "rescue center" skills.

"Where did all the ice go?"

Luke insisted he and daddy match for church.

Lots of dress up in this house.

Girl loves her some accessories.

We loved having Holly, JoJo, and Krispen join us for the holidays.

Cute boy before his Christmas program.

Sweet girl after the Christmas program.

Tired girl all dressed for bed.

Cheers to our new coffee mugs from Tula and Pop.

Marshmallow roasting on a cold night.

Little stinker was suppose to be in time out, but instead was sleeping in my bed.  Well, that was effective!

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful year, and I hope 2014 is just as good!