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Monday, March 30, 2015

Just Keep Swimming...

We are continuing on the tradition of Mommy and Me swim classes with Savannah.  All three kids did swim lessons at Emler at 18 months.  She is following in her siblings footsteps with her love for the water.  This girl loves to get wet!  She is currently up to 6 seconds under the water.  We are getting to do classes with Aunt Ali and Rebecca too!  Such a fun memory.  Savannah missed a class due to a stomach bug, so we had a make-up class where Daddy got to take her last Saturday.  She was so happy to be in the pool with her daddy.  Luke, Audrey and I went along to cheer her on.  

She is my first baby who loves to float.

Always gives the stink eye during the bye bye song.

So thankful for this daddy!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Crazy Winter!

This winter has brought with it some crazy weather!  We have had ice, days in the 60s, snow, rain, you name it.  School got cancelled for three days!  This never happens in Texas.  We are very lucky that right out our backyard is an awesome hill on the golf course that is always crawling with sledders.  Last year we were not prepared, and had to borrow sleds.  I have since had three sleds ready to go in our attic for over a year.  Luke was soooooo excited to bust them out!

The kids were little pros, and both Audrey and Luke even tried to "snowboard" on them while standing, and did pretty well.  Savannah wasn't too sure what to think...

We were outside on an off that first ice day for over 3 hours, and every time we came in they wanted hot chocolate by the fire. 

The day after we got back from Cabo, we had another snow, and woke up to this.

Nonnie and Grandpa slowly made their way over to sled.  This time around, it was more snow than ice, and the sledding wasn't nearly as good.  That didn't stop this crew though.

Snow angels.  Savannah wasn't really into it.  Haha.

In fact, at that point she wanted to go inside.  I snapped this while she was watching us all toasty and warm inside.

These two crazies could care less about being cold and wet.

Savannah made it back out in the afternoon, and she and Audrey had so much fun "cooking".

I found a snow ice cream recipe on pinterest and it didn't disappoint.

Love making memories with these three little people!

Monday, March 9, 2015


We just got back from a fabulous 4 night stay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  We went to Cancun for our honeymoon, and had planned to go back there for our 10 year anniversary, but decided to mix it up a bit and head to the other side of Mexico.  We were so glad we did, as it was whale season in Cabo, and we saw many of the 2000-3000 whales they have this time of year.  

It was so nice to spend some quality time with just my hubby.  We were practically giddy on the plane!

We stayed at the Fiesta Americana Grand, and couldn't have been happier. We went for the all inclusive option, and had a blast trying all the food, and being carefree.  A sweet surprise from one of our waiters.

Looking over the menu at our lunch spot.  Gorgeous everywhere you look!

Sunrise from our balcony.  This place was awesome.  All rooms faced the ocean, and had a balcony.  Our balcony was tiny, but we didn't mind. We got lucky and had a spot right on the water.

Watching the whales jump from our balcony.

The lighthouse and golf course to the side of our hotel.

Brian took these pictures while sitting on the beach.  It was amazing!

Hotel built into the rocks.

Cabo is a desert and very rocky.  The sand was actually very rough and hard on your feet.  Not a great running around beach, but a perfect sit and relax beach.

I loved all the tide pools and shell hunting.  Our hotel was right on a little reef.  The water was a little chilly, but you could actually just stand in it knee deep and see tons of tropical fish.  No snorkel needed.  I saw pretty much all the fish I have ever seen in Hawaii, right at my feet.

Brian got in trouble for being on these rocks.  Hee Hee.

Why is that rock white?

Best spot for delicious fish tacos.

Infinity pool relaxing.

Roof top sushi bar.

One day we decided to take a whale watching excursion.  We were able to see downtown Cabo and all the rock formations.

Lover's Beach.  Cabo is the southern most tip of the Baja Peninsula and separates the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean.  On the other side of Lovers Beach you can see the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific through there as well.

Cabo's famous Arc.

Sea Lion colony.

Humpback whale fin slapping.

We were on a small speedboat like the one in this picture.  I did not get sea sick!

Our hotel from the water.

The sea lions hop aboard the fishing boats for some free fish.  It was hilarious!

Dowtown Cabo.

The marina.


Beach lounging.

While it was 80 degrees, it was sometimes windy.  I am not really a sun person, and prefer the umbrellas.  Brian is the opposite.  He was like this the whole trip,

And I was like this....

Lobby view.

Adios Cabo!  We will be back!

You can see the arches and our hotel in this picture.

We had the most fun, and it was a perfect little getaway, but we were so happy to see these crazies!

Thanks to Tula and Pop, and Nonnie and Grandpa, they were well taken care of.  We are blessed!