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Monday, December 30, 2013

"One Heart to Beat Beat Beat...

...for Jesus Christ, my King!"  I have been hearing this precious song sung around our house for months and was so excited to get to hear it performed at Audrey and Luke's Christmas program. The kids had their programs on opposite days, so we got to go to two performances.  The bonus of this is that Ben was performing during Luke's program, so we got to see him in action.  He was precious!  Luke went first and Audrey was very excited to get to watch. He was a very animated singer!

The next day was Audrey's turn, and poor girl wasn't feeling very well.  She seemed a little under the weather when I took her in, but by the time I came back after 2 hours, she had a fever and was pretty out of it.  

We went to wait in the Chapel, and then all of the sudden, her teacher came in and said she had fallen asleep on the other teacher.  Poor girl!  We went and got her and was going to let her just watch, but she perked up a bit and jumped in the line once her class came down the aisle.  She was not so animated, haha!

We then hopped over to Luke's Christmas party, where he enjoyed pizza and a book exchange.

Savannah slept through both programs sleeping on my for over two hours both days, ha!

It was a fun start to our Christmas break, with much more to come!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Trees and Ice

We busted out our tree right after Thanksgiving and I love having it up.  This is the first year that Audrey got into it and it was so fun to see the two of them placing their ornaments so carefully.  

Sibling picture.  Audrey was OVER IT!

This year, I also got them all trees for their rooms.  I bought Savannah one, but am waiting to put it up next year.  I loved having a tree in my room, and the kids were so excited to have a tree to themselves.

Speaking of trees... the ice storm hit us hard.  When we moved a year ago, one of our big things was to move to a neighborhood with lots of big trees.  We found that neighborhood and love the huge Red Oak in our backyard.  It is my favorite tree and provides so much shade in the summer.  Well.. the ice storm took out quite a few of its big branches.  This is what I woke up to in the morning.  I may have cried...

My sweet hubby, raced out to the backyard and spent a good two hours knocking off ice to preserve the remaining branches.  I think it helped a lot and we didn't lose anymore after that.  Our tree definitely looks different now, but it is still very significant in size, and hopefully will fill back out quickly.

Although the ice storm had its major drawback, it did bring on some great fun!  Our backyard is on the golf course and it is right at a part with a huge hill.  That hills was crawling with kids for 3 days sledding nonstop.  We got in on the action, and some nice people let us borrow their sled.  We have since made sled purchases, should this ever happen again! =)  You can see Luke below in the yellow jacket.

Audrey attempted the "bunny slope", and may have crashed and burned.  She still loved it though!

Luke sledding with his new friend.

Savannah even made an appearance and attempted the laundry basket sled.  She was not impressed!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3 Months

Our littlest gal turned 3 months old yesterday.  She is not-so-newborn anymore, which makes me kind of sad, but she is starting to show her little personality and we love it.  She is still very sweet and even tempered, and we have been blessed with how calm she is.  Here is what is new with her this month.

  • On my last post I think she had given me two nights with 10 hours of sleep...uh that never happened again!  While she isn't going 10 hours, she is doing pretty darn good!  She goes down between 7 and 8 and is up around 7 in the morning.  She usually wakes up once, but we will get an occasional 2 times   per night.  
  • She is now on a loose schedule.  Usually eats at about 7, 10, 1, 4 and 7, and then once or twice at night. 
  • She is still only able to be up about and hour and a half before she needs a nap.
  • She is a bottle fighter!  My other two kids were great nursers and would also easily take the bottle without blinking.  Well... this little lady isn't liking it so much.  She screams and yells at you and spits out the bottle.  I go back to work on Jan 1st, so she needs to be able to take one.  We are starting her on one bottle a day now so she can get used to it.  Yesterday was much better, so hopefully she will adapt.
  • She is smiling more and more now, and we love it!  No real giggles yet.
  • Definitely knows her mommy and daddy.  
  • Starting to watch Luke and Audrey.
  • No more swaddle at night.  Sleeps in just a sleep sack.
  • Notices her hands and stares at them.  Also puts her hands in her mouth all the time.
  • Started pulling on the toys on the toy mat.
  • Rolls over from tummy to back, and rolls to her side from back to tummy.  I see her rolling full on to her tummy soon.
  • Has discovered her tongue and sticks it out constantly.  
  • Size one diapers and size 3 month clothes.
Here she is noticing her hands.

Giving us the tongue face.

We just love this girl to pieces!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Sittin' 2013

We got invited to a fabulous toddler party, complete with a visit from the big man himself.  The kids were so excited!  Audrey didn't want to sit on his lap, but was fine standing next to him.  On Audrey's wish list is... a peanut butter sandwich, brown cereal (Raisin Bran), and oranges.  Done and done! Haha!.  Luke is hoping for a knight castle, ninja turtles, and some rescue bots.  Hopefully they are on the nice list! ;)

And because it is nearly impossible to get a picture where you can see all 3 kids, here is what Savannah looked like.  Precious, of course!


I just realized I never posted this blog.  Brian's grandfather (Papa) turned 99 on October 1st!  WOW!  He lives here in Mckinney, and we are so blessed to get to see him regularly.  Here are some pics from his birthday party.  All his kids came in town to surprise him.  It was such a special day!