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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nap Update & Other Randomness

I wanted to give a little update on our big boy bed progress. Well....after many months of nap struggles and middle of the night wakings, our boy is back! We tried EVERYTHING! Going in to him every time he left his room, ignoring him when he left his room, spankings, taking away Bunny Bear, sticker rewards, sticker name it. The only thing that worked was the thing I was trying my hardest to avoid, locking his door. I was very hesitant to do this, because I didn't want to trap him in his room, but we were getting desperate people! I talked to several friends who had to do this, and I must say it worked like a charm! My main fear was that he would just cry at the door all scared and confused as to why he couldn't get out. Well after one or two tries, he realized that he couldn't get the door open and just went on playing in his room. He doesn't care about the door now that the option has been taken away. He now stays in bed in the middle of the night (for the most part), sleeps until 7 and plays for a good 30-40 min before I go get him. He seems much happier, and I know his Mommy and Daddy are much happier too!! So for now he has a child lock on his door, maybe in a few months we will take it off and see how it goes, but for now it is staying put! =) So what goes on during this free play time, you ask? Here is the evidence. What a mess! Looks like this pretty much everyday when I go to get him. We are also working on discipline in this house. Overall, I would say Luke is a good listener and behaves very well, but we do have moments when time-out is in order. Here he is in time-out. I can't help but laugh! Just some random fun making pizza with Daddy. Ummm, someone his doing more eating than helping!
Mmmm Mmmm good!
This past weekend was Ben's baptism. We had a wonderful time in Fort Worth and I had so much fun with my little Godson. He is just so cute!
Proud Godparents.
The cousin running rampant during the ceremony.
Luke has one "chore" that he does everyday. He gets Ernie's bowl from the kennel, brings it to me, and then once I fill it with food he returns it to the kennel. Luke does an excellent job!
Lately he has been taking this responsibility to new levels. Instead of placing the bowl in the kennel, he likes to hand feed Ernie following him wherever he goes. You can tell at times Ernie doesn't want it, but he is considerate enough to take Luke up on his offer. =)
Lastly I leave you with backyard sprinkler fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dallas Zoo

Two Saturdays ago, we went to the Dallas Zoo with the Gahan side of the family for some fun and to celebrate Brian's 29th Birthday. Luke has been to the zoo before, but he was only 10 months old then, and didn't really know what was going on. This time around, he LOVED it! We have been reading "Curious George Feeds the Animals", which is a book about the zoo, so Luke was very prepared for the visit. We started things off with the penguins.

Luke and his Daddy were very into the gorilla.

Just hangin' with a gator.

The highlight of the trip was the giraffes. We were actually able to feed them. Luke was a little scared, but was mesmerized by these big guys. Look closely at these next two pictures. We caught Luke mid-sneeze, and as you can see he didn't cover his mouth. Poor Brian, haha!

With Aunt Tracy checking things out. Aunt Tracy is home from Australia, and Luke is loving this time with her. =)
This picture looks fake to me, but I assure you it is not!
With Grandpa, looking at all the elephants.
We watched the elephants for at least 30 minutes. Here he is with Noni and Aunt Tracy.
The cheetah exhibit had a jeep you could drive. The back of the jeep was actually in the cheetah cage. Luke was all about steering the jeep until...
...he noticed something had jumped into the trunk. Boy am I thankful that there is glass between them!
Next, we enjoyed a monorail ride. Luke loved being on the "train", and was very set on having his own seat.
At one point, we drove past this bird who happened to be very close to the train.
Almost too close! He tried to bite the railing on our car!
Whenever we talk about the zoo, Luke would always bring up the kangaroos, so I had to put a shot of them in here. (Curious George feeds a kangaroo in the book, and it was pretty much all Luke could talk about.)
Checking out the monkeys.
Somebody is getting tired. =)
OK, someone is beyond tired! First attempt at family shot. (should have done this at the beginning of the trip)
Attempt #2.
OK I give up!
The zoo was a blast, and when we got home we were able to celebrate Brian's birthday with some cake. Yummy!
On another note, I had a fabulous Mother's day! My boys made me waffles, I had my favorite fast food for lunch, filet-o-fish, and got a yummy grilled dinner. Luke gave me this rose when we picked him up from Sunday School. I am so thankful for this little guy and his daddy! I am one blessed lady.