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Monday, June 6, 2016

Audrey Graduates Preschool

Audrey "graduated" preschool a few weeks ago.  Her birthday is August 31st, which is the last possible cut off day to make it to kindergarten.  She was in pre-K this year because of her birthday, but we decided to do with her, what we did for her brother, and hold her back one more year.  So technically she graduated, but will be back at Sunshine Kids in the Transitional Kindergarten class next year, which we are so excited about!  Her Benny graduated for real, and it is so sad they won't be at the same school anymore.  They love each other to death, and are each other's BFFs.  If I never move, and Ali never moves, they will end up back at the same school when Ben is in 7th and Audrey in 6th.  So cute!  Here are pictures from the ceremony.  Our girl had a great year, and really took off with her writing and art skills. 

The crazy people in the audience.

Each kid got to say what they wanted to be when they grew up, and all week Audrey told me she was going to say princess.  I kept telling her that that wasn't really a job, and she would have to marry into that (haha!), but she was pretty insistent.  She loves being fancy, so I guess princess is right up her alley.  She also loves to catch slugs, june bugs, lizards, snakes, any critter really, so I guess a fancy bug catching princess, she is!  To our surprise, at graduation when she went up to the mic, she said she wanted to be a cheerleader.  Interesting enough, the girl in front of her said cheerleader, so I think someone got a little stage fright.  She was so sweet up there, and makes us so proud!

She loved the Frog class and had such a fun time at her end of the year party.

We love you, Audrey Girl!  Now on to TK!

Savannah also had a wonderful year, and we were so happy with having her go to the school across the street, so she could go 2 days a week.  It was a great decision for her and she loved Ms. Susan and Ms. Debbie!  She is also very excited to be at Audrey's school next year. What a blessed year both girls had!