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Monday, October 18, 2010

Day with Daddy & Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

Luke has the best daddy! I worked all day yesterday, while Luke enjoyed some guy time with Brian. I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing husband, who is such a hands on daddy. I leave for work totally at ease because Brian not only has everything under control, but enjoys every minute with Luke. Luke, of course, loves doing things "Daddy's way" for a day. =)
Here they are enjoying some morning coffee before I left for work.
Here is an example of "Daddy's way". I guess it is more fun to eat applesauce like this. Boring old mom makes me use my spoon.
When I got home, they were having fun in the backyard. We just taught Luke to "smell the flowers", so he was having fun showing off his new skill.
While I was gone, they took a little trip to Walmart to get Luke's first soccer ball. Luke was already showing off his kicking skills by the time I got home.
Just cuteness on his playset. Looks like a day with daddy makes for one happy kid!
Ok and now for pictures, pictures, pictures!
My parents just got back from London and brought Luke a souvenir, a little Paddington Bear. I remember playing with him as a child. Luke loves him!
Luke is exploring in so many new ways now. I was on the computer and heard him making some noise behind me. I turned and he had pushed the laundry basket up to the window so he could stand on the window sill. What a clever little guy! He also got himself stuck in this little basket. This picture was taken after he got free, but he was stuck in it sitting Indian style, and was not happy about it!
His sweet friend, Kaylee, brought him a present last week. They now have matching animals to play with. Thanks Kaylee, I love it!
Here is a recent shot of playgroup. They are all getting so big, and boy is it difficult to get a good picture. We recently took them to Willowbend Mall to play and it was a huge hit!
Ok that's all I got for now! Stay tuned for the pictures from the twin's 1st birthday party that was this past weekend. The pirate costume made its debut and it did not disappoint!
I am sitting at the bar working on this post while Luke is eating his lunch right next to me. As I am about to hit the "publish button" I look over and find this! We had a busy weekend and I guess this guy is feeling it. Just had to add this in. =)

Friday, October 15, 2010

State Fair of Texas

Luke had his very first experience with Big Tex and loved it! Ali, Will, Rett, Grant and our little family headed out for all the fried goodness. It was super crowded, but still a great time. Here is Luke enjoying his first dog show. He was really watching all the dogs jump and do their tricks.

The car show is always a man favorite, and boy did Luke love running around touching all those shiny cars.
What cute brothers I have!
We headed into the science museum and they had a set-up to make huge bubbles. Very cool!
The all time favorite was, of course, the petting zoo. Luke didn't want to touch any of the animals, but sure enjoyed looking at them. Poor Luke got pretty sweaty by this point.
Not too sure what these things are (llamas maybe?), but they were shaved in very interesting patterns. They drew quite the crowd.
Well after touring the entire fair, eating corny dogs, fried bacon, fried Frito chili pie, corn on the cob and fried Oreos, this little man was tired! And no Luke did not eat all of that, but we sure did. =)
We love a good fair! Until next year...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Fun

We have been loving this cooler weather and went to Oktoberfest on the McKinney Square last weekend. It was great and Luke really enjoyed himself. Here he is on the way to the festival. He is just now wanting to wear hats and shoes. He goes and gets them from their place in the laundry room and asks me to put them on him. It is pretty darn cute! This was his first encounter with a "character" and it didn't go so well. He was pretty scared and made sure I was in between him and this crazy looking thing. After enjoying a bratworst and some potato cakes, he took it easy and watched the Alpine Children's show while downing come milk. Aunt Ali and Uncle Will came with us as well. As you can see he is sitting very close to his little cousin Ben. =) Just having fun at Kate and Ellie's house. We have recently been hanging out with my friend, Brooke, and her daughter, Kaylee. She is just too cute with that red hair and these kids love playing together. Here they are having a blast in Kaylee's tent.
We went back to open gym last week, and it was way less crowded. I didn't fear for his life quite as much this time! Luke is getting some new teeth and has been pretty cranky. Last time we had to drag him out of there, but this time he decided he was tired and just wanted to sit on the bench. Guess he just needed at little break!
A couple of days ago, I was cleaning up around the house and couldn't find him. I walk into the kitchen and find him sitting in the drawer. Too funny!
He then thought it would be fun to stand up, and was very proud of this accomplishment. I probably should have told him no, but instead I had to grab the camera. =) Notice the 2 different shoes. I told you he likes wearing them now, even if they don't match.
Luke's Great Grandfather, Papa, turned 96 on Friday. We went out to dinner and then had cake at home. It has been so special to have Papa living so close to us now.
And here is a sneak peak at Luke's Halloween costume. He is going to be a little pirate. We had to do a test run to see how it fits. Here is Luke waiting for his Daddy to get home so he can show his costume off. I won't reveal anymore of the costume, but I must say, it doesn't get any cuter!
On a final note, we have a biter! Yes sweet little Luke is biting other kids! I went to bible study Wednesday morning and when I picked him up from the nursery they were very nervous to tell me that he bit 2 kids! I was mortified! We left him again at church this morning, warning them of his biting, and sure enough he did it again! He is teething, so I am not sure if it is related, but I am pretty sure he does it when he gets angry. He also used to never care when we left him in the nursery, but is recently sobbing when we leave. He apparently cried most of the morning and they wrote us a little note all about it. I know this is all normal, but any tips moms??