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Friday, August 31, 2012

Audrey is ONE!!

I cannot believe that a year ago today, our sweet baby girl was born!  This was the fastest year of my life, and our family is beyond blessed by her being in it.  She is sweet, sassy, and just a little love.  Here she is one year ago today.

Here she is this morning enjoying her birthday breakfast.

And here is what's new in the last month.
  • We have a walker!  She is on the move and getting better by the day!
  • Says more words like... Mama, Dada, Uh oh, bye bye, tried to say "Ali" and was very close, ba (ball), hi and da do (thank you)
  • No more bottles!  She wasn't quite as easy to break as Luke was, but overall it wasn't too bad.  She is drinking whole milk now from a straw cup.
  • Still two naps a day
  • 1 new tooth!  It is a weird side tooth, and it seems like the other side tooth is coming in, so we may have a little vampire on our hands. =)
  • Size 4 diapers and 12 month clothes
  • "talks" on the phone
My sweet friends surprised me with a baby shower a few weeks before she was born, and we made the cute monthly onsies I have been posting.  I love them, and it is so fun to look back and see how she has changed!

Happy Birthday Audrey girl!  We love you to pieces and thank God for entrusting us with you.  Thank you for being such a light in our lives!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Audrey's 1st Birthday Party!

We celebrated Audrey's birthday yesterday evening, and had a great time. She doesn't actually turn one until Friday, but this was the best time to celebrate.  We had an owl theme, with "Look whoooos one".  She looked too cute in her outfit!  

Birthday girl and her brother. Two little sweeties!

The cake.  Again, thank you Pinterest!

Mommy Love.

Tula Love.

Nonnie Love.

Aunt Ali Love.

Two proud grandpas.

Benjamin was a party animal!

Nothing like a little nose picking with Uncle Jeff.

The big brother giving us a wink. =)


With help from Nonnie, Luke got Audrey a present.

He also helped bring in a present from Tula and Pop.

Audrey loved the ocean book from her brother.

Love those little legs.

A car she got came with a phone, and let me tell you, that cheap little phone is a hit!

So excited for her new ride!
Our walking girl!

Cake time.
 Ok, so far so good, this party had been smooth sailing.  Oh but wait for it, wait for it....
Not happy at all to be wearing this hat!
Even a cupcake can't make it better.

Warming up a bit, when big brother comes in, this doesn't last long.  The horror is about to start.
Please notice my face of terror.  Can you see her finger?  Yes, she touched the candle, and of course I blamed my husband who was holding the cupcake!  Upon further inspection of the photographic evidence, it looks like I was the slacker and not holding her hand like her sweet daddy was on his side.  Mom fail! 

The close up.  Just to be clear, she did not touch the flame, but hot wax did get on her finger.

She was not happy!
Again, a cupcake was not enough to make things better.

Fighting through the pain. Please notice the tear. =(
After some soothing, we tried again, and all was well.

We even put funny mustaches on her.
Unfortunately, we took it a little too far, and this girl had had enough!

Here is the evidence.
 Overall the party was great, and we will have funny memories to look back on.  Audrey woke up this morning with not even a mark on her finger, and is fine.  I'll leave you with some happier pictures! =)