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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Audrey is Three!

This sweet precious girl is 3 today!  We love our Audrey Girl so much, and she brings so much spunk and excitement to our lives.  Here she is at her "birthday parties" the past three years.

She is growing into such a kind and sweet little girl.  She is not looking so baby anymore.  Happy Birthday to our big three year old!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

11 Months

The sweet tiny lady is once month shy away from being 1!  I can hardly believe it.  So cliche, but a year really does fly by.  This girl is CRA-ZY!  I think she is my wiggliest baby so far, and I have had many people agree with me.  That is saying a lot, because by no means, are any of my children calm.  The girl moves 24-7 and has recently been into EVERYTHING!  She puts everything in her mouth, and also wants to be held by me, A LOT!  If I hold her, she still wiggles everywhere.  I'm a little exhausted at the moment, but couldn't be happier being her mommy.  He biggest accomplishment of the month is ......

Standing!  She is standing up on her own more and more and can now do it in the middle of the room without pulling up on anything.  It doesn't last long, as she looks at me so stunned and proud of herself and then sits back down really quick.  She is doing about what Audrey did at this age, and Audrey walked right around her 1st birthday, so I see that happening soon.

Other new things this month:

  • starting to get over bottles, and will probably transition to cups soon
  • stinker!  definitely knows what "no" means and ignores it at all costs
  • still cuddly
  • still only 2 teeth, but I think the top 4 are soon to arrive
  • loves her doll, and will snuggle it if you ask her to
  • crawls stairs super fast
  • wants whatever the big kids have
  • still on 4 bottles a day, and 3 solid meals
  • 2 naps a day
  • size 4 diapers
  • 9-12 month clothing
Here is our wiggle worm during her photo session. I seriously would get two quick snaps and then she would be gone.

Found the stairs, and really thought she was getting away with something.

Caught ya!

Fun with her cousins.

Kept ripping her bib off and I kept telling her no.  She was bawling her eyes out.  I thought I had won, and then went outside to give the big kids their lunch, and came back into this.  Love her facial expression... she is like,"what?".

All her crazy energy keeps me on my toes, and we are just so thankful she is apart of this family. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

July Instagram

We have had Otie with us for a couple of months, and it has been great!  My floors have never been cleaner.  Haha!  He has also benefited, in that he has lost some weight, and has seemed to regain his youth!

Super Girl getting in on the dress up action.

I'm not really a selfie person, but as I was sitting on the kitchen floor "cleaning" one night, I thought it would be fun to document this time in my life.  After dinner the hubs bathes the kids and I "clean".

First cousin sleepover.  Let's just say everyone ended back in their beds, and someone pooped their pants. =(

Luke and Audrey love it when I lower Savannah's highchair and let her sit with them.

Ali took the big kids to the pool, and I hung out with the little ladies.

Audrey is a building fool.  She loves to build and was at this for almost an hour!

Leonardo.  Love this little turtle.

VBS fun.

After VBS...not so fun.  Picked up Savannah screaming in the nursery, Luke was running away from me, and Audrey was wearing some other kids panties and pants because she had an accident. sister took a picture.  Motherhood at its finest!

This is why Luke was running away screaming.  Another kid was occupying the mole guy head.  Real problems people!  This picture was taken the next day, when we tried again.

Legos have officially entered our house.

Legoland with Tula, Auntie E and Memaw.

Lazy days of summer.

Circus fun with Nonnie and Grandpa.

Playdate with our buds.

Lake fun over the past weekend (not July, but who cares!)

The snuggliest baby I have ever had.

The kids got brave this trip and were loving jumping off the boat.

Little lake rats.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Water Animal Rescue Center Birthday Party!

We celebrated our little dude on Saturday with a party at our house.  Luke is very into "rescuing" and wanted to have an "Water Animal Rescue Center Birthday Party".  I was pretty confused about what this meant, but he would not let up.  I thought for awhile and came up with a party that would fit his theme the best I could. So, we invited over a bunch of his buddies and had water fun in the backyard.  The weather was perfect!  I was super nervous about having an outdoor party on August 2nd, but the weather was just wonderful in the 70s!  Here are pictures of the "water" part of the party.  We just borrowed and used stuff we already had.

Looking back at the pictures, Ben was on the ground a lot.  Haha!

The car wash station was a hit, and the birthday boy may have taken it to another level!

After some water fun, we headed out to the driveway and had birthday donuts and fruit.  The donut shop made Luke a special donut just for him.  It was huge!

While the kids were eating, we had the "Zoo Crew" come give a presentation with 10 live animals. This is obviously the "animal" portion of his request.   Luke got to pick the animals they brought, and he has been excited for months!  He picked a ferret, chinchilla, snake, tortoise, hissing cockroaches, chameleon, parrot, bearded dragon, tarantula, and a hedgehog.  The lady was awesome, and let the kids touch all the animals. Luke had about 10 million questions!

Savannah was on clean up crew. :)

And for the "rescue" portion of his request, we collected items for the SPCA.  He had been saying he wanted to rescue animals at his party for a few weeks.  I told him that would be very hard to do, but if he wanted people to bring things for the animals in need we could take them to the SPCA.  Luke thought that was a great idea.  Here is what we collected.  Our party guests really came through!  We are going to take it all in next week, and Luke is excited to get to do some "rescuing".

We had a wonderful time celebrating our big 5 year old!  I wonder what crazy theme this guy will come up with next year....