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Friday, January 30, 2015


Yet another post that never got published.  Here is Luke with his class monkey from LAST YEAR!  Yikes!  

Lake with Friends

This is also another post that never got published.  It was from a fun lake weekend in May with our lifelong friends, the Tscheope girls.  Our parents were friends before we were even born, and then they had kids together all the same age.  All 4 of us Gibson kids had a friend to play with whenever we visited them in Houston.  They are true heart friends, and even if we don't see each other for a long time, we always pick right back up were we started.  Here are a few pics from that fun weekend!

Had to make a pit stop for Audrey.  Haha!

These pics are way out of order, but as you can see our kids were pooped from all the fun!

Ali, Mary, Elizabeth, and Me.

The two Lukes.  Big Luke LOVED little Luke.

Fishing success.

Back in helmet day...

Found a crawfish in the pool.

Boat fun!

Pool fun!

Whoa, thats a lot of kids!  Next time we go, there will be 3 more kids to add to this picture!  We sure do love spending time with the Tscheopes, and feel so blessed to still have them in our lives.

Big Girl Bed

Ok, so this is a post that never got published from the fall of 2013.  Its the first day of Audrey in her big girl bed.  Such a tiny thing in that huge bed!  I just had to have it documented somewhere.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Instagram End of Year Catch Up

I haven't done an instagram catch-up since October.  Yikes!  Here it is..

Train fun at the pumpkin patch

The littlest mama.

Luke-0 Tree-1

She walked all around the house like this, and it was quite freaky!

Pumpkin Carving

Luke's TK class.

Savannah is famous!  Haha, not really but she did get her picture taken for a wooden toy company.

Nonnie's Halloween Party.

Ashley is 30!

School costume pictures.

Lego time.  Luke is just the sweetest with her.

Last soccer game.

Morning snuggles.  Every morning.

SNOW!  haha!

Dinner date with friends.

Thanksgiving feast at school.  (Audrey photobomb in the Ben pic)

That's a lot of cousins in one car.

Snow castle fun at the mall.

Dressed herself for church.

Date with my boy.

Brian babysat all these crazies while I was at work.

The craziest bed head.

Thumb sucker like her sister.

"Helping" with the Christmas decorations.

Gahan night out to celebrate retirement and 40th anniversary.

Luke's Santa letter.

Luke designed and made me the wonderful piece of home decor.

She loves this pup.

Parade of lights in downtown McKinney.

Winter dance show.

First time in the car at the store.

Christmas parties at school.

15 month check-up.

Reading to her Piggy.

What happens when I am at work.

My mom had the flu, and couldn't go to Rick's Chophouse with us.

Dino digging.

Pretty lady spent the night.

Savannah trying to be a big girl.

I made this tinker toy man, and then Audrey added the blue piece and said it needed a "wee wee".  Yikes!

Cowboy super fans performing a magic show.