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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walking, Wading and Fun at the Zoo

Well we officially have a walker! Luke has been taking steps for a few weeks now, but 2 days ago he really took off. He can now pretty much go anywhere, but still loses his balance easily. I bet in another week and he will have it mastered. It is so cute to see him walking around. He is such a little person now. Here is a picture of him in action. Hopefully I can post a video soon. Just cute laying on the floor. =)
Luke has also enjoyed wading in the pool. Tula and Pop bought him a life jacket to use at the lake, but we had to test it out in the pool first. Here he is not too sure about this thing.
He sure does have fun with Pop!
We also had fun in Isabelle's pool this week. The kids had a little bit of a rough start, but....
...Luke ended up loving it.
Our last adventure of the week was Luke's first trip to the zoo. We went to the Fort Worth Zoo and Uncle Will and Aunt Ali joined us. Luke really noticed all the animals and some were definitely scarier than others. The flamingo below got a little too close and made our little man cry. He was also scared when the turtles swam up to the glass. Whenever he was scared he would turn his little head and grab onto his daddy soooo tight. This was pretty cute to see. =)
Here he is with Aunt Ali watching the chimps.
Having fun sitting on Daddy's shoulders.
With Uncle Will gettting a closer look.
He loved holding Aunt Ali's water bottle. We couldn't pry it out of his hands.
Overall the zoo was great and obviously very relaxing. =)

Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Months Old

Luke is another month older and learning new things daily. I feel like he is really starting to understand me when I speak to him and is still just as happy as ever. Here are his new tricks:
  • Walks several steps at a time, with the most being 8 (still pretty wobbly though)
  • Stands easily
  • Can get into a standing position by himself, without holding on to anything
  • Eats mostly table food, new favorite is black beans
  • Drinks from a straw cup by himself
  • Has 3 teeth coming in on top (the main one coming in is actually a side tooth, which looks kinda funny and I am not so sure if this is normal) =)
  • Takes his pants off while he is suppose to be napping
  • "Talks on the phone"- when given the phone he puts it up to his ear
  • When someone says to him "So big", he raises his hands in the air
  • When you ask him where Ernie is, he will look towards the dog (most of the time)
  • Understands "No", but doesn't always listen to this instruction =)

In 2 more months my baby will be 1. I can't believe it. He is turning into such a little person and has the cutest little personality. Here are some shots from the week.

What a handsome boy!

Standing in the yard. Daddy was blocking the sun for him.
"So Big"
"Talking on the phone"
Last weekend we took Luke for his first swim. We went to Tula and Pop's to test out the water. Luke loved it and I see many pool days in our future.
Laughing at Pop splashing away.
One cool dude. =)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Day of Kindermusik

Kindermusik is over and we are a little sad because it was such a fun weekly activity. Luke really enjoyed it and I think we will be signing up again. He loved meeing new friends and exploring everything. All the other babies were very calm and would always be sitting next to their mommies so nicely. Luke was always on the go all over the place with me following behind. At one point the teacher looked at me with eyes of sympathy and asked if I was ok? Of course I am! I love my little man and all the energy that comes with him! =) Here he is with his new friends and of course his best bud, Isabelle.
Here are two more shots of Luke with Miss Isabelle. One from last week when we went to Cosco where they enjoyed riding in the carts and below Luke is pushing her around in the walker. So much fun!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daddy Just Wants to Sleep

Daddy just wants to take a Sunday afternoon nap but someone has other plans.... And again...
Luke did this over and over again. He really likes to climb on everyone and this is definitely proof. Poor Daddy didn't get much of a nap in!
Luke also likes to "pretend drink" from a cup or cup like object on the ground. Here he is sipping away at nothing but the air. He even makes pretend drinking sounds.
Another funny thing that he is doing is this little cheerio face. Tula always makes this face when she sees him and she came over one day last week and Luke copied her. He is now doing it all the time. It is too cute!
In the above picture Luke is sitting in our new hiking backpack. We will be taking it to Hawaii with us and Luke thought it was pretty fun!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Is For the Aunts...

I am a little behind on my once per week blogging, and have been getting some pressure from both Aunt Ali and Aunt Tracy to post something. Well here it is. Enjoy ladies.... =) The reason I am behind (only 4 days...boy those ladies are demanding) is because we have been busy busy busy. I worked 2 days this weekend and it was Brian's 28th birthday on Monday. We celebrated Saturday night with a date to The Flying Saucer and The Melting Pot. So yummy. Luke got some fun alone time with his daddy while I was at work and everything went great. Here is a pic of some fun at the park while mommy was at work. Luke has a new favorite activity. He likes to take all his books out of the basket and then look them all over. This activity can take up to 15 minutes. What a nice distraction for mommy! Another new development is that Luke took his first steps on Monday! Aunt Ali was here to witness it. He is not very consistent and we haven't been able to capture it on the camera yet, but when we do I'll post it. So no walking picture, but this one is cute!
That's all I got for now. Here is one last shot of the gorgeous rainbow that was over our house on Monday night. Happy Birthday Brian!