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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Soccer Shots

Luke started Soccer Shots on Tuesday and loved it!  I was looking for a league for him to play in, and at 3 they just didn't have a lot to offer where we live.  I asked around and found out about Soccer Shots, and it was great.  It is more of a soccer class, where they learn the game and "scrimmage" at the end of practice.  It was sooooo cute!  Here they are all huddled up.  Luke was very into what Coach Casey had to say. 

They learned how to stop the ball with their foot, and how to dribble.

At the end of practice, each kid got to score a goal.  Luke loved it!

They huddled up after the scrimmage.  Luke was obsessed with his jersey, and a little sad he didn't get to take it home, but got a hand stamp instead.  =)

Brian and I are both big sports people, and it is so fun to see our child enjoy it as well.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Feeling Very Blessed

We are feeling so very blessed in this household! There are many big things in the works, starting with this...

Baby Gahan #3 set to arrive around September 22, 2013!  We are over the moon, and so far baby is doing great.  I had my 13 weeks ultrasound this week and baby was right on track, and it's little heart was beating away at 167 BPM.  We are not going to find out the gender this time, which should be so exciting, but maybe a little hard at the same time. :)  It's interesting, because with both Luke and Audrey, at this point the sono tech had already correctly guessed the gender.  I guess we will have to wait and see.  Brian and I are thinking girl, Luke says boy, but who knows!  Luke is excited when you ask him about it, but otherwise doesn't really mention it, and Audrey has no clue.  Luke and Audrey are 25 months apart, and this baby and Audrey will be about the same.  Birthdays in July, August and September.  Those will be busy party months, but then mama will get a break for the rest of the year! ;)  Here I am at 13 weeks with baby #3, definitely showing! 

This pregnancy has been just about as exhausting as the rest.  I had probably worse morning sickness than with the previous two (no vomiting though!).  I am feeling better now, but still need a daily nap.  That nap was proving challenging with a 3 year old who will no longer nap, so.... I busted out the iPad!  Judge me all you want! ;)  Luke sits in bed with me while Audrey naps, and it is working!  Hey, mamas gotta do what mamas gotta do. ;)

We have been so blessed with our children, and having them has been relatively easy for us.  It is so easy to coast through life when things are going your way, and forget who all these good things come from...from HIM!  I have so many friends who have had fertility struggles, other baby struggles, etc, and am definitely not blind to what a precious gift these children are.  We have been praising the Lord from whom all good things flow, and never want to take for granted what he has given us.  Did we do something to deserve these!  They were a gift, and I choose not to ever forget that!  So praise be to God for my precious, precious babies!

We also have another huge blessing in our family...Ashley!  Rett popped the question a few weeks ago, and they have already set the big date for September 7th. Yes, I'll be like 100 weeks pregnant, but hey, I'm no stranger to that, I had Luke 10 days after Ali and Will's wedding.  We will make it work! I do now solemnly vow not to be pregnant at Grant's wedding though. ;)  We couldn't be happier for these two.  They are a perfect match, and Ashley is exactly who we have been praying for. Congrats guys!

This wedding is going to be a family affair, as in the entire family will be in it.  The happy couple surprised us with some sweets and asked us all to be in the wedding.  I will be a bridesmaid, Brian a groomsman, Luke a ring bearer, and Audrey a flower girl!  We are so excited and Luke has been talking about it for days.  We can't wait to be a part of the big day! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Has Sprung At the Lake

The weather was gorgeous this weekend, and we got to enjoy it even more by being at the lake.  The kids pretty much roamed around outside 24/7 and were in complete heaven.  Ali and Will were out of town, so we got to spend some special time with just Ben.  It was a great weekend.
These three were constantly bugging poor Pop for "Rocky Rides".  Audrey even started saying "Rocky" over and over.  They just couldn't get enough! 

This sweet girl...

And this sweet boy...

Were two peas in a pod. They did everything together.  It was so sweet!

It was pretty windy, which was perfect for kite flying.  This is the first time Luke was able to do it by himself, and he was one proud guy.

When Ben wasn't attached to Audrey at the hip, he was attached to Rocky.  This boy spent hours sitting in Rocky playing with the buttons pretending to drive.

Audrey hasn't been liking slides lately, but this trip she seemed to get over her fear.  She was all smiles after this tumble!

This girl loves bubbles.  The bacon scented dog bubbles were a huge hit.  (yes, they smell like bacon.)

Swinging fun with Pop.

Due to the droughts the past few years, the lake has been low, and the fishing has been poor.  Luke and Brian decided they didn't care, and were gonna try their best.  Low and behold Daddy caught a fish, and Luke couldn't have been more excited.  "Yesssss!"

Even the little kids loved the fish.

Audrey talked about "fshhh" all weekend.  She wanted to fish with her daddy a ton.  There may be a tiny pink fishing pole in her future. :)

There is nothing quite like a trip to the lake....  (Oh and contrary to what the pictures may show, Mommy, Tula, Uncle Rett and Ashley were there as well)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

18 Months With Our Girl

Well, time has certainly flown by!  Our sweet baby isn't such a baby anymore. Audrey turned 18 months old last month, and is evolving into such a little girl.  She is talking up a storm, and has a spunky personality to go with all that chatter.  From the time she was born to about 9 months old, this girl was SOOO quiet.  She barely made a peep, and was super serious. My how things have changed.  At one point we were a little concerned that her older brother would dominate her, but it has become apparent that she can hold her own!  We love this little joy and feel abundantly blessed that she was given to us.  Here are some pics of our precious 18 month old.

One of her all time favorite activities, swinging!    

A mess I tell you, a mess!

Big girl recently started swim class and is a fish!  Jumped right in and LOVES being under the water.  Little lady can already "swim" for 9 seconds.  Takes after her daddy!

Perfecting her spoon skills!

She loves to "colo", and this time I caught her eating the marker.  She colors on everything, including the back door, wall, placemats, coffee table.  She is a stinker!

She loves herself a good back rub.  She is constantly going 90 miles an hour at all times, and if I give her a back rub, I will get a good 10 minutes of no motion from her.  Unlike Luke, Audrey will not watch TV, so sitting still breaks and few and far between.

Working on her "cheese".  She looks so old here!

She LOVES books.  She would read about 50 at a time if you let her.  Poor Daddy has a lot of work to do.  She brought him all of these. :)

Loving the lake!

Audrey is a shoe girl!  She is obsessed.  She will wear any pair she can get her hands on, and makes a huge mess in the process!

She's got a few fabulous pairs of shoes herself!

Sleepy girl!

Audrey has really started to roll play.  I caught her getting out all the diapers and changing her baby.  She then proceeded to wash her hands after she was done.  Atta girl!

We just went in for her 18 month check-up and she is doing great.  She is still long and lean, and right on target.  She had 2 shots and her finger pricked and barely cried.  She was fascinated by the blood from her finger.  Here are her stats. 

Height: 33 inches (75-90%)
Weight: 22 pounds 12 ounces (25-50%)
Head: 18 3/4 inches (75-90%)

We love our girl to pieces and just couldn't imagine life without this sassy little lady!