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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


We had a very fun weekend filled with "Punkins".  Saturday we went to a "Punkin" Patch, and the kids had so much fun.  They played games, ran through a maze, and went on a hay ride.  The weather was beautiful and even a bit chilly.  Luke was a bit of a grump, so there aren't as many pictures of him. 
Our family of 5!  If you haven't noticed, Savannah's hair is still holding strong and isn't backing down on sticking straight up!

Cousin fun.

Showing Tula a "punkin".

The kids loved this "punkin" pie.  We may have used it for baby torture... aka great photo op. :)  People were surrounding Savannah, and a lady even pulled out her cellphone and took a picture of her in the spoon.  Hmmm... not sure what she is going to do with that picture of my baby...interesting.

Cake walk.  Luke was really the only participant, but Ben and Audrey sure thought they were in on the action.

Patch Fun.

So happy Aunt Tracy could join us!

Grump mode....

Balloon animals.  This dude was serious... he took like 5 minutes to make each animal.  It made waiting in the line a bit torturous.

On Sunday, we painted our "punkins".  Audrey thought it was so fun, and Luke took things very seriously.

Loving Fall, and all these "punkins"!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Month!

Savannah turned 1 month old yesterday!  That month went by in the blink of an eye.  We have loved adding her to our family, and once again, it seems like she has always been here.  She is precious beyond words, and just so chill.  Here is some info about her first month of life:
  • She is my sleepiest baby by far.  I have to wake her up during the day to feed her!  This is slowly getting better, and she has had more and more awake time.  She will usually eat, be up for about an hour, and then go down for a nap.  With three, I haven't had a ton of time to just hold her when she sleeps, so she has gotten pretty good at sleeping in the bassinet.  She will cry for a few minutes at times, but usually can put herself back to sleep...usually.
  • Doing better and better at night.  The first few weeks, she would have trouble going right back to sleep.  She would be awake for 2 hour stretches (only at night though...go figure), but in the last week, it has seemed that she has mastered going right back to sleep after eating. Yeah!  This makes nights so much better for me!
  • She usually gives me one longer stretch of about 4 hours, sometimes 5, and then is up every 3 hours on the dot after that.  For only being 1 month, I'll take it!
  • She eats great, about every 3 hours and hasn't had any issues at all in that department.
  • Just weighed her on my scale, and it says she is up to 10 pounds, yeah!
  • Baby acne just set in at 4 weeks on the dot.  All of my kids have had this, so I was not surprised.
  • In newborn clothes, and size 1 diapers.  I think she would still be fine in newborn diapers, but we got a ton of size 1 from friends, so we are using those.
  • She is my snuggliest baby by far.  She will lay her head on your shoulder and just snuggle, I love it!
  • We think she resembles Luke the most, but then when I look at pictures (see below), she and Audrey sure do look alike as well.  I have also gotten many comments that she looks like Brian.  I'm happy for him, as no one has ever said the other two look like him! ;)
  • She loves looking at the lights and loves being swaddled.
Here are some more pics of our girl.

Here is Audrey at 1 month old in the same outfit.

And Luke.  Poor Luke, my camera skills weren't quite up to par in his day. 

I wanted to continue the tradition of putting her in a chair and seeing how she grows like we did with Audrey.  (Luke takes his growing pictures in an old shirt of Daddy's)  We chose a different chair this time, and you can compare the two girls in the below pics.  Savannah is picture one and Audrey in picture two.  (Looks pretty similar to me!)

Savannah is so loved and we are just thrilled that God chose her to join our family!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Open House

The kids had Open House at their school last week, and were so excited to show off their classrooms.  Open House started at 6:30.  Luke and Audrey are usually asleep by 7:30 and it was also falling on a school day, so Audrey was super tired.  She was so confused as to why we were going up to the school again since she had already been once that day.  She was crying before we left the house saying she needed her PJs and wanted to go "nigh nigh".  Poor girl.  She did end up coming, but was a bit of a grump! 
Here is Luke showing off his calendar board.  He is in the caterpillar class this year, and loves it!

Practicing his name writing.  Audrey was very impressed!

Showing off the Frog Street Press books they read.

Audrey is a Penguin and here she is in front of her class board.  She and Benjamin have the same teacher, they just go on opposite days.  I didn't even realize when I was taking this pic, but Ben's picture is right above Audrey's right shoulder. What a cutie!

Here is Audrey's class picture.

She was very excited to show off her body tracing... haha!

Having some fun in her classroom.

We are so blessed with a wonderful school, and great teachers this year!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Weeks With Three!

We have survived three weeks with three!  It has actually gone so well.  We are blessed again with a super chill baby, and Savannah could not be better.  She hardly cries, is sleeping great (wakes up every three hours, and for the most part goes back to sleep) and eating like a champ.  I definitely do not deserve this! Truth be told, the older two are the ones who give me trouble. ;)  The kids love her and constantly want to help me change her diaper, hold her, bathe her, etc.  We are loving this sweet life with three!  Here are some pics from the past few weeks, in no particular order.
First time with all the car seats in our car.  WOW...we have a lot of kids.  
First sponge bath...3 days old.

Savannah in the first pic at 3 days old and Audrey in the second at 3 days old.

First trip to the doctor... 4 days old.

Last bit of sprinkler fun in the backyard.

A new baby doesn't stop Spiderman from being at our house.

Taking care of a baby can be exhausting!

Love these tiny feet.

She is my sleepiest baby by far!

Sleeping at Aunt Ali's.

Still sleeping, rocking her crazy hair.

Still sleeping...

The kids love to give her their babies. Melt my heart.

Still sleeping after her two week check-up and heel prick.

First real bath after her cord fell off.  The cord fell off on day 4!  I was shocked it fell off so early. 

First bottle at two weeks.

Crazy big brother.

Having a play date with Rebecca. They were party animals.

Finally... she's awake and snuggling with Daddy.

First sister bath.

So happy to have Bunny Bear sleeping with her.

The whole gang!

The sweet big sister who gets exhausted at school.  When I pick her up, half the time she is still sleeping with all the other kids running around her.

We are so blessed with these three, and I just have to pinch myself that this is our life.  It can be tough at times, but I wouldn't have it any other way!